How can the vast divisions revealed by the US election be healed?

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How can the vast divisions revealed by the US election be healed? 2

This year’s election process has exposed like never before just how divided and disgruntled America is. A Gallup poll found that only 8% of Americans are satisfied with both presidential campaigns, and only 28% of the country is satisfied with the way things are going in America. Donald Trump was called a racist, a misogynist and an egomaniac, while Hillary Clinton was accused of corruption and irresponsibility, and told she should be locked up. The candidates themselves alienated vast swathes of the population, with Mr. Trump describing Mexicans as criminals and rapists, and Ms. Clinton labelling Trump supporters “deplorables”. This is all a symptom of a divided America.

Globalisation has led to prosperity to for some, but left many behind in economic stagnation, and seen entire states suffer from their industries collapsing. Ethnic minorities make up an increasingly large part of the population, and through movements such as Black Lives Matter are rising up against injustices against them, but this is sparking a backlash from those who believe racism to be a thing of the past. Millennials, burdened by huge student loans and struggling to get on the housing ladder, have a very different view of the country from baby-boomers, who see a young generation wanting everything handed to them on a plate. Mr. Trump's election is set to deepen the divides. What can be done to pull the country back together?

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