Should the West intervene in Syria to stop Assad?

Should the West intervene in Syria to stop Assad? 3

The severe humanitarian impact of the Syrian Civil War was on display once again this week in Aleppo where a government offensive backed by Russian airstrikes pushed deeper into the opposition’s last urban bastion, displacing thousands of people. One UN humanitarian spokesman said it looked like a “complete meltdown of humanity in Aleppo”. Emboldened by the latest successes on the battlefield, President Assad now seems determined to recapture all of the northern Syrian city. As the death toll of the war, according to some estimates already at around half a million people, keeps rising around the country, the pressure on the West to act increases. Mr. Assad’s backers say he is fighting terrorism, whereas those opposed view him as the head of a murderous regime. While Western countries such as the US have backed the armed rebellion over the last years, some have criticised the Obama administration’s approach as too hesitant; others saw it as the right step after Washington’s deadly entanglements in Iraq and Afghanistan. Should the West intervene more forcefully in Syria to stop Assad?

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